Startdatum: November 23, 2018

Enddatum: November 24, 2018

Uhrzeit: 00.00 - 10.00

Ort: Polygon Club , Wiesenweg 1-4 , 10365

After a long summer break, Boschain once again invites Berlin to dance – this time celebrating the collective’s one year anniversary. The evening will be accompanied by hard techno and house.

SUGAR – Fast Forward (EuromanticFast Forward Productions)
confidns (diamond black metallic)
Carl Cousin (Moody Collective / Uva Festival)
Eugen Haupt
Arbitrage (Boschain)
CNQR (Boschain)

SUGAR (Euromantic/ Fast Forward Productions)
DJ/producer based in Copenhagen. Founder of Fast Forward Productions. Just released his debut EP on Euromantic. Producing and playing techno under the alias Sugar – Nikolaj is known for his creative output and sets driven with manic energy. His high standard for techno creates an atmosphere accompanied by perfectionism and musical idealism. We can’t wait for him to play for us.

confidns (Diamondblackmetallic)
It is impossible not to mention the rumors and legends surrounding confidns and their 2016 residency during the Afterlife label nights, hosted by Tale Of Us at famed Space Club Ibiza. One could already experience the two in clubs like Nordstern Basel, Labyrinth Club Hasselt, Egg Club London and Loft Club Ludwigshafen, where they played two sets of 7 hours alongside Chris Liebing and Dj Deep. Expect an intense and dirty rave.

Carl Cousin (Moody Collective / UVA)
Co-Founder of Moody Collective and UVA Festival. Moody Collective strives to create true value for music communities by hosting events or setting up brand collaborations around Europe and beyond (Berlin, Madrid, London, Beirut, Istanbul, Tokyo, Portugal). Moody proceeded to launch Moody Records, Radio Moody and Uva Festival (Spain’s first boutique music festival). Together with the collective, Carl has played in Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, Hong Kong, New York, Berlin, and Hamburg. He is known for his energetic Acid, Break and Detroit House sets.

Eugen Haupt

Aribtrage (Boschain)

CNQR (Boschain)

As always, TeamBoschain is looking forward to dance with you.

s/o MCNZI for the artwork.